Friday, 27 November 2020

New Headmistress' office and new clips for you!

 Hello folks,

I hope you are staying safe and sane and keeping busy where possible.  I have certainly been busy this week.  I have moved into a new Headmistress's office, so I will be more than capable of taking control of your behaviour remotely.  

I have also been busily updating my AVN Stars page, where for a monthly tribute you can enjoy regular updates from my Dark Dominant Domain, comment on my post and interact with me personally!  You don't want to be left out in the cold you you?  Thought not.  Find me here:

Of course I understand some of you like your Deviant Doctor via individual download, so find ALL of my 47 clips here at my IWantClips store:

Sticky Fingers:

You have been brought home by your ear and I am not at all impressed! Caught stealing I have persuaded the local police that I will deal with the matter in house. But don't think that lets you off the hook! You receive one hell of a scolding and your punishment is described in great detail by me, leaving you in no doubt of your sore bottom by the time I have finished with you!

Get your deserved dose of discipline right here:

Knee High Boots:

Admire my boots. Admire ME in my boots whilst I drive you crazy with my perfect long legs, clad in knee-highs. Suck on my heels when ordered to by me... And just when you thought I could not tease you enough I slowly unzip the boots to display the high arches of ballet-dancer's feet. Boots and foot lovers rejoice; this is the scene for you.

Worship my boots here:

That is all folks, and behave yourselves!

Friday, 13 November 2020

The Art of Control

 Hello folks,

I trust you are all keeping well and, most importantly, sane!  Enter my Dominant Domain with daily updates at my subscription site here, where you will quickly find yourself under my gaze....

I also have a new clip for you to enjoy over at my clip store, which you may find here:

If you prefer to download me individually, I have 45 tantalising clips for you to enjoy at my IWantClips store, which you will find here:

I have one new clip for you to enjoy this week:

The Art of Control:

I am naked in the bath. You are kneeling before me, hands on your head. You will watch me tease and torment you to distraction in sensual slow motion. Shall we see if we can get that tiny bit of flesh between your legs to work? You never know, I may even let you cum at the end of the to find out if you you are released or denied.

Enjoy this very sensual form of torment from me....

Friday, 6 November 2020

Hello folks, those of you reading this in the UK will realise we are in Lockdown Mark Deux, so the virtual Dr is all you are able to enjoy right now.

You may now subscribe to me and receive updates of my dark and deviant side by subscribing to my AVN Stars.  You know my fertile mind will wander and you will find yourself in the palm of my hand before you know it!  Find me here:

I also have two new clips for you to enjoy over at my clip store, which you may find here:

A Very Public Punishment:

You do not learn your lesson, do you? Well if you like to waste my time then I will waste yours. I have set you a VERY public punishment, one that will humiliate you greatly. As your Headmistress I will NOT tolerate any more of your reprehensible behaviour.

Instructional Spanking 1:  

Follow my EVERY word. I shall instruct you on exactly what you are to do. You will receive the spanking you so richly deserve from me. When your punishment is complete you may send me proof; but be warned, if I don't think it is hard enough I will have you repeat your punishment!

I hope these help keep you in line, because you certainly need it!

Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Where to find the good Dr's goodness

 Hello folks,

It has been a while, I know.  However, life has got in the way a few times and occasionally I have needed a little R&R.  However, I have been organising my content for you.  So, here is the New Order.

IF you wish to buy my clips via individual download then they will be available here for you to browse.  I have many titles and many kinks of mine explored, so take a look today!

BUT, NEW today, you may now subscribe to me and receive daily updates of my dark and deviant side by subscribing to my AVN Stars here.  There will be daily pics, tasks to come soon and more....because you know my fertile mind will wander and you will find yourself in the palm of my hand before you know it!

Enjoy and don't forget to show Me your gratitude!

Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Cucky Hubby

Hello to you all.  I hope you are staying safe and well.  I have discovered a few new kinks during this lockdown, some of which I shall be developing in my own unique style, including cuckolding! (who knew I would enjoy this?!).  I have 39 tantalising clips at my store and you may find them all here:

Most recently I have begun an exciting new series, the first part of which is available now!  How would you feel for me to diminish you to a cuckold, my Cucky Hubby?  Here is more about this clip:

Cucky Hubby:  Fall from Grace:

Do you really think that you have rights to me in the bedroom just because we are now married? Think again! You must prove yourself to me to earn your place in my bed. First you must pass a penis measurement test, and then that you must demonstrate what you can do with that useless piece of flesh of yours but be warned, I have set a time pressure for this JOI. If you don't pass, you are turned into my Cucky Hubby, only good for cleaning up....after my sexual acts with other men!

The next part in this series is coming(!) very soon, so keep those eyes peeled!

Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Foot fetishist's delight!

Hello folks,  I do hope you are all staying safe and well.  I have had a bit of time of it.  My grandmother (she is 93) went into hospital nearly 2 weeks ago with sepsis.  Given her age we all thought her number was up, but pure miracle, she has pulled through and is going home today!  I repeat; she is 93.  I am so happy, as her dying in hospital would have broken my heart.

Ok, onto the kink, well; I shall be making new smut tomorrow, but for now here are some mouthwatering clips all featuring my beautiful ballet-dancer's feet.  Do enjoy them!  I have 38 titles available at my IWantClips store and you may find them all here:

And foot fetishists rejoice, because there is plenty of opportunity to worship my feet, find those clips here:

My Foot Slave:

Watch my patent heels enter the room, whilst you wait, kneeling to serve me I slowly remove my heels before allowing you to sniff and massage my nylon-clad feet before finally allowing you to massage and suck on my bare toes. I warn you; they will be VERY sweaty

Find this clip here:

Sweaty Plimsoles, sweaty feet:

I come home after a heavy tennis session with the SWEATIEST feet you will have every smelt or tasted. Well, it is your lucky day as I take off my plimsolls and have you take a good sniff on those. With my socks on I make you sniff some more, before stuffing a sock into your mouth for you to sniff on my toes.....I do finally let you lick and suck on the sweat!

Find this clip here:

Human Footstool:

Let us see whether we can find you something that we are good at, shall we? I have you kneel to take my feet on your back and berate you for attempting to take a peak up my skirt. I find my feet are still sore though, so I take my shoes off and place my bare feet onto your back. What a good footstool you are!

Suck on my heels, suck on my toes:

Dressed in regal purple, I give you 10 minutes of unadulterated patent heel and foot worship. My long ballet dancer's toes are a sight to behold with perfectly painted red nails. How could you resist?

Go forth and worship my beautiful, balletic feet!

Friday, 3 July 2020

The Headmistress' office

You know your behaviour is not up to scratch, and I, as your headmistress, will endeavour to bring you back into line, using a variety of punishments, designed to make you think twice before misbehaving again.

Summoned to the Headmistress:

You have REALLY done it this time haven't you! You are given quite the scolding before having your trousers and underwear pulled down in preparation for a bare bottom spanking....

See this clip here:

Lines in Detention:

You should be on your free time, shouldn't you? But instead you find yourself in detention with me and sentenced to lines. Watch the video for instructions on how to complete your lines and send them to me to be checked. Be warned; get any wrong and further punishment may be applied!

Caned by the Headmistress:

You have been summoned for the scolding of your life before being made to bare your bottom in preparation of my cane..

Corner time Punishment:

In order to complete this task fully you will need to pay full attrition to the instructions in my clip. I have had quite enough of your reprehensible behaviour and will have no more of it. Time you spent some time in the corner, just as I place you, to think about the consequences of your actions and how you can mend your ways...

12 of the cane from the headmistress:

You think you are quite the joker don't you? Well you find yourself summoned to me, the Headmistress for a thorough scolding, and a painful and humiliating punishment...

Now, I hope you have learned your lesson!  If not, you will find yourself stood before me once more....

Thursday, 25 June 2020

New torments for you to 'enjoy'

Hello folks,

I hope you are all staying safe, well, and most importantly sane!  I have 38 clips on my Clips4Sale store for your consumption, and you may find my Dominant Domain here:

I also have two NEW clips for you to enjoy, take a look:

A Kick for a Kiss:

You present yourself to me wanting to worship my perfect, muscular body. However, for someone like you there is a price to pay; for every kiss you wish to plant on my body, I will give you a kick in the balls. How much pain will you take to win the kisses you desire?

You may find this hot clip, and a preview, by clicking here:

Finding your level:

You have punched well above your weight applying for 'Office Junior' to me, haven't you? Simple filing seems to be beyond you. In the absence of any intelligent life I must find you some meaningful work for you to do and I have just the thing! I pull out a domestic duties gag, designed to humiliate you mercilessly. The attachment today is a toilet brush gag, and I waste no time in setting you to work cleaning each and every one of the office toilets until they gleam! My other employees will be so amused by your predicament...

You may find this hot clip, and a preview, by clicking here:  

Now, go and enjoy, that is not a request!

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Teased and controlled!

Hello all,

I hope you are staying safe and well.  My Domme side is getting darker and sexier by the week, and you may find my entire catalogue of Domme clips here:

I have two glorious NEW clips to tell you all about:

Your balls are in the palm of my hand (10 minute clip)

This is a VERY descriptive clip, where I use the small (!) oranges in my hand to demonstrate how I wish you to bust your balls for me. Will you send me the results of my domination from a distance? Finally, watch me tease your 'balls' with my high heels, as I demonstrate that which you must suffer if you are to serve under my collar....

You can find this interactive clip here:

Fully Fashioned stockings (12 minute clip) 

If you love long, muscular legs encased in fully fashioned seamed stockings, then you will love this film. I tease you, I tantalise you and I torment you. You are ACHING to get closer to me, but I deny you. Allowing you to watch, helpless as I stroke every inch of my stockings to drive you crazy, which of course is my pleasure! 

Don't forget, you may also direct your own fantasy with me by ordering a Custom Clip with me on my IWantClips page simply by clicking on 'Order Custom' and make YOUR fantasy come to life!

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Irresistible Clips

Hello all, I do hope you are safe and well.  I have two, stunningly gorgeous clips for you this week, and here is a teeny preview:

These and my other 33 hot clips may be found at my store here:

English Beauty:

I tease you mercilessly in this clip, making you all hot under the collar for me, the unattainable beauty. Slowly revealing what is underneath my long coat, you are driven crazy by my nylon stocking-clad legs, patent heels and black sexy underwear with corseted waist. How could you resist watching me over and over again?

To see a preview and get your hands on this clip, follow this link:

Teased and Denied:

Don't you touch that cock of yours. Kneel and watch, keeping those wandering hands from touching that which they should not. Watch me slowly remove my patent high heels, revealing my feet clad in 100% nylon stockings. Slowly I tease you mercilessly with a slow and sensual removal of my nylon stocking, before whipping you into a frenzy by slowly and sensually moisturising my long, muscular legs. I hope you obeyed my one command....

To see a preview and get your hands on this clip, follow this link:

Enjoy!  And remember my one command....

Thursday, 4 June 2020

Hot new content!

Hello folks,

Hope you are doing ok.  I had the greatest pleasure of seeing my family for the first time in four months.  It was strange not hugging each other, but it was certainly a wonderful day.  We must take nothing for granted.

I have some great new clips for you, along with 29 other clips a my IWantClips store, which are hot and sexy.  Take a peek here:

Nylon Pantyhose: 
(Nylon Tights if you are British!)

Worship my perfect long legs clad in nylon pantyhose. My red lacy panties are clearly visible underneath and you are dying to sniff them aren't you? Well! It is your lucky day. I have you lie on the floor while I sit on your you the best view possible. But such torment! Yo are so close to my most intimate area but the nylon pantyhose are a constant barrier between your nose and me. I have another treat for you....I take off the lacy panties and sit on your face once more....with only my nylon pantyhose between my skin and your nose!

Headgirl's Humiliating JOI:

This is one character I have had tremendous fun developing, so you may see more of her in the future, but in this clip, she is particularly cruel!  The head girl knows you are a peeper, she has seen the tell-tale twitching in your trousers. She has you kneeling before her, stroking to her instructions. Your blushes are not spared as she laughs at your size before spitting on a lifelike dildo to have you masturbate for her entertainment....

Rubber Catsuit: 

You cannot resist me can you? Dressed from head to foot in my rubber catsuit. I quickly begin to sweat, between my breasts, underneath my breasts and under my armpits. Your tongue is aching to taste my sweat and smell my scent. And I am pleased to get that tongue of yours working hard to lick up every drop of sweat from between my breasts, underneath my breasts and finally my armpits....

Take a look here:

Go forth and enjoy....

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

IWantClips, and you do, don't you?

Hello folks,

It does seem there is a light at the end of the tunnel in all this, so I personally am keeping my fingers firmly crossed that we are through the worst of all this.

I have three new clips for you to enjoy....and you may find them all here:

I have 29 gorgeously hot titles for you to enjoy on my IWantClips store, showing off my uniques style of Domination....

Headmistress' Chemistry test:

It is exam season and this is a test you must pass in order to hope to progress. Be careful with your answers, however, as this test carries an 80% pass rate. Any failures will be severely dealt with. Plus, if I find out that any one of you have been cheating, you will most certainly be for the high jump. You may begin....

The Natural Order:

I will never yell demands at you, and I am far too classy to 'give you the finger'. You will tribute me because you need to, because it is the Natural Order...

Take a peek here:

Suck on my heels, suck on my toes:  

Dressed in regal purple, I give you 10 minutes of unadulterated patent heel and foot worship. My long ballet dancer's toes are a sight to behold with perfectly painted red nails. How could you resist?

Take a look here:

I would not leave you without a little teaser, would I?  Of course not!

Enjoy folks....I enjoyed making them!

Thursday, 21 May 2020

Skype Sessions

Hello folks,

Those of you who follow me on Twitter will know I did my first Skype session yesterday, and I REALLY enjoyed myself!  So, I have decided to offer these from here on in.  Spanking is my main Domme interest but you have obviously noticed I have other kinky interests too, so get in touch, let me know what you have in mind for our time together and we can see if it may be brought to life.  I strongly suggest you read the various pages on this blog to check that our kinks match up.  Please do your research before getting in touch with me.

Online platforms I use are:

  1. Skype
  2. Zoom
I have limited availability for these sessions, which will be available to you on weekdays 11am-5pm. Interested?  Of course you are!  Get in touch using my email below for lengths and tribute information:

Stay safe and well folks, and see you for some Virtual Dr Woods!

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

New Clips, new kinks

Hello folks,  my world of Domination continues to expand and I am sharing that with you here with three new clips on my IWantClips store.  I have 26 titles for you to peruse, take a look here:

JOI for you, pervert:

Some much needed office discipline!  You are the office pervert, aren't you? When I catch you filming my patent high-heels, and stocking-clad legs and feet I feel it is time for a little pay-back. I tease you mercilessly with a slow strip tease before beginning your humiliating JOI with me....

Take a look here:

Take your breath away:

Prison officer Woods has you totally at her mercy.  You think you are going to have an easy time of it in here. However, I have other ideas for you, and as your Governor, I put on my leather gloves and begin to punish you, controlling your breath and beating you with the cane...

Take a look here:

12 of the cane from the Headmistress:

You think you are quite the joker don't you? Well you find yourself summoned to me, the Headmistress for a thorough scolding, and a painful and humiliating punishment...

Take a look here:

Now, I would not leave you without a little teaser would I?  Here it is to whet your appetite:

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Hello all.  I hope you are staying safe and well.  I have four new clips for you on my IWantClips site for you to 'enjoy':

The Head Girl and the Headmistress:

Today is definitely not your day is it? Your Head Girl has you over a barrel and has you breaking school rules by fetching cigarettes for her from the village shop. Unfortunately for you, however, you are caught and sent to the headmistress to be punished. Disappointed by your poor behaviour she gives you the cane...

Check it out here:

Here is a teeny tiny taster of this 9min 30 second film:

Bottom Worship:  

You have earned yourself a real treat! In my leather skirt and boots I silently instruct you to get on your knees and worship my bottom. As the music entices me to move, you adore the smell, and the shape of my leather clad bottom before I ever so slowly undo the zip and slip the skirt off to reveal my red panties underneath. Elegantly I move silently to tease and torment you in my red panties until I test you even more by slowly peeling them off...

Here is a taster for you from this 8min 40 second film:

Headmistress's Special Detention:  

So! You like wasting my time do you? Well I have had just about enough of your antics so you find yourself here in my special detention on a Saturday afternoon. Once I have administered a thorough spanking I have a cruel and unusual punishment for you to complete, which I promise will waste plenty of your time!

Here it a tiny taster for you from this 5min 30 second film:

Custom-made Cuckold:  

A custom-made clip for someone I know very well indeed! You have presented yourself to me as a potential pleasure slave, the highest position a slave may hold. However, on inspection it is clear you do not make the grade at all! I downgrade you to my cuckold slave, so I may take pleasure in your suffering when I invite my girlfriends over to play....

Check it out here:

Here is a tiny taster of this 10 minute film:

Go forth and enjoy!

Saturday, 9 May 2020

Custom Clips

Hello folks,

I have had some enquiries about ordering a custom clip with me, so this post is designed to help you understand both the concept and what I offer in them.

A custom clip is a clip made catering to your specific kinks.  Sound good?  Fabulous. You may order a custom clip through my IWantClips store here:

On my home page, simply click on the 'Order Custom' button and you will find yourself with a menu of options.  Here you may choose your length of clip, the kinky categories you wish to have featured in your clip, the video resolution you want (most people choose standard resolution) and a description box where you may add any further specifics you may wish.  Easy!  

Here are the kinks I enjoy and will include in your clip:

- Ass Smelling POV
- Barefoot-Soles Fetish
- Body Worship
- Caning Fantasy
- Dirty Feet
- Exercise-Fitness Fetish
- FemDom POV
- High Heels Worship
- Highly Arched Feet
- Human Furniture
- Jeans-Denim Fetish
- Pantyhose-Stockings
- Small Penis Humiliation
- Spanking POV
- Sweat Fetish

....and here is a teeny tiny snippet of the clips I have made thus far!  Now, go forth and let your creative juices flow (so to speak!)

Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Four titles for you to 'enjoy' on IWantClips

I have been having tremendous fun teasing and tormenting you this week and have four new titles for you to enjoy here:

Human Footstool:  Let us find something you are actually good at shall we?  In this POV clip I strip you off, have you on all fours to rest my patent heel-clad feet, and then my bare feet on your back.  A little humiliating for you to discover your level at being my human furniture, don't you think?  Take a look here:

Worship Every Inch:  It is your lucky day!  You have a rare opportunity to worship every inch of my perfect body.  There is one catch, however, you may look but you may certainly not touch!  Can you control yourself as I tease you mercilessly?  Take a look here:

Dirty Little Panty Sniffer:  You disgust me!  I have caught you sniffing my clean AND my dirty underwear.  Time for you to feel the sting of my tongue as I humiliate you verbally for your disgusting behaviour.  Take a look here:

Staying with Auntie:  Whilst you are under my roof you will live by my rules!  I am less than impressed when I catch you sneaking in late, and find yourself at the wrong end of my wooden spoon.  Take a look here:

Go forth and enjoy, that's an order!

Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Out to play

Hello folks,

I do hope you are all staying safe and well.  You will be pleased to know I have been out in force and have added 5 more videos to my IWantClips site:

Punishment maths test.  Interact with me as I set you a mathematics test of 10 questions for you to submit to me for assessment.  Be warned though, I have a VERY high pass rate, and failure WILL result in a punishment being handed to you.  Take a look here:

Corner time punishment.  Listen to ALL my instructions to complete your corner time punishment with me, your Headmistress. I want you to spend your time in the corner thinking about your reprehensible behaviour...take a look here:

Sweaty plimsolls, sweaty feet.  Take a good sniff of my VERY sweaty plimsolls, before I stuff my sweaty sock in your mouth.  You are in for a treat though as I order you to sniff and taste my sweaty feet and toes!  Take a look here:  

Suck on my patent high heels.  Show me how eager you can be with that mouth and tongue.  Take my extremely high patent heels deep in that mouth of yours.  Take a look here:

From office boss to office bitch.  Having returned from your luxury holiday you return to find me as the the new CEO of the company and you demoted to office junior.  I take great pride in stripping you of your clothing and humiliating you mercilessly after so many years of taking us female staff for granted.  Take a look here:

Go forth and explore my content, ready for you to 'enjoy' now!

Monday, 20 April 2020

Four new titles released onto my IWantClips site!

Just as the title suggests, I have been having a lot of fun today playing and preparing these clips, so go forth and enjoy the BRAND NEW titles listed only today:

1. Head girl blackmail-fantasy:  You may have thought I was the head girl of your dreams but it turns out I am a nightmare for you, especially when you realise I have you over a barrel.  See my enjoyment as I turn you into my humiliating for you!

2.  Prepare your gingery plug:  Get yourself some fresh ginger, and prepare your fig plug with me before inserting it into your bottom for me to enjoy your burn...all whilst I am dressed in full dressage gear!  Lovely.

3.  Control your cock:  Watch me tease a dildo cock; first with my hands, then with my stocking-clad feet and finally my bare toes, all whilst being forced to control your urges...until I release you from your torment!

4.  Your cock is too tiny:  You have suggested you might please me, so I take you at your word and have you show yourself.  BUT, instead of satisfying your desires I criticise the size of your penis, measuring it with a ruler and teasing it with my tweezers, leaving your red-faced and totally unsatisfied!

Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Let me take you into My world on my new clips site

Hello all,

I am pleased to announce clips Yours Truly on my IWantClips site, link below: 

I currently have 6 titles available on there for you to 'enjoy' some time with me...

1. A visit to Matron.  You have been showing yourself off to the girls and Matron has had quite enough of it.  In her office you are stripped, taken in hand and your delicate meat is given a caning, but not before she assesses you first.  How humiliating!

2. Summoned to the Headmistress.  You have got yourself deep into trouble and your new headmistress is not the pushover you have been used to.  You are on the receiving end of quite the scolding before being prepared for a thorough spanking on your bare bottom.

3. Caned by the headmistress.  You have really done it now, haven't you!  given a severe scolding, you have your trousers taken down before being bent over for my cane. 

4. Lines in detention.  Sometimes I decide to mete out lines for punishment, particularly in detention and today you find yourself at your desk awaiting my instructions.  This is a genuine punishment for you to participate in, so be warned!

5. Personal foot slave.  I love my feet being pampered and if you like to be the soul at my soles then this scene is made just for you.  I slowly remove my killer red heels before having you sniff my stockings (pantyhose) and then remove these sensually before allowing you the ultimate privilege; my bare feet at toes.

6.  Smell my scent, taste my sweat.  I have had quite the workout and feel VERY sweaty and sticky.  You are lucky enough to be selected to be the person to apply your tongue to ALL my sweaty parts, before I lay you down and take my rightful seat...on you.

I hope you enjoy them.  There will be more to come.  Do make (sensible suggestions of other things you might like to see, provided they are activities you know or believe me to enjoy)

Until next time,

Dr Woods