Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Let me take you into My world on my new clips site

Hello all,

I am pleased to announce clips Yours Truly on my IWantClips site, link below: 

I currently have 6 titles available on there for you to 'enjoy' some time with me...

1. A visit to Matron.  You have been showing yourself off to the girls and Matron has had quite enough of it.  In her office you are stripped, taken in hand and your delicate meat is given a caning, but not before she assesses you first.  How humiliating!

2. Summoned to the Headmistress.  You have got yourself deep into trouble and your new headmistress is not the pushover you have been used to.  You are on the receiving end of quite the scolding before being prepared for a thorough spanking on your bare bottom.

3. Caned by the headmistress.  You have really done it now, haven't you!  given a severe scolding, you have your trousers taken down before being bent over for my cane. 

4. Lines in detention.  Sometimes I decide to mete out lines for punishment, particularly in detention and today you find yourself at your desk awaiting my instructions.  This is a genuine punishment for you to participate in, so be warned!

5. Personal foot slave.  I love my feet being pampered and if you like to be the soul at my soles then this scene is made just for you.  I slowly remove my killer red heels before having you sniff my stockings (pantyhose) and then remove these sensually before allowing you the ultimate privilege; my bare feet at toes.

6.  Smell my scent, taste my sweat.  I have had quite the workout and feel VERY sweaty and sticky.  You are lucky enough to be selected to be the person to apply your tongue to ALL my sweaty parts, before I lay you down and take my rightful seat...on you.

I hope you enjoy them.  There will be more to come.  Do make (sensible suggestions of other things you might like to see, provided they are activities you know or believe me to enjoy)

Until next time,

Dr Woods

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