Don't think for a minute you will get away with anything young on an image to view my photos as a slideshow.

"Get across my knee.  Time you tasted the wooden paddle on your bare bottom"

"On your knees.  You can worship my jodhpur-clad bottom and when you have done that you can clean my boots young man."

"You never learn, do you?  Bend over and touch your toes.  I want that bottom stretched tight for the cane."

"Call yourself fit to serve in the army!  Get down and give me 20!"

"Enjoy the sight of my will be bent over staring at them for some time yet."

"Come in...The Dr will be with you shortly."

"You have displeased me...and now you are going to pay a very high price..."

"Hold out your hands.  Time to feel the sting of my tawse on those hands."

More photos will be added with the passage of time.