Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Hello all.  I hope you are staying safe and well.  I have four new clips for you on my IWantClips site for you to 'enjoy':

The Head Girl and the Headmistress:

Today is definitely not your day is it? Your Head Girl has you over a barrel and has you breaking school rules by fetching cigarettes for her from the village shop. Unfortunately for you, however, you are caught and sent to the headmistress to be punished. Disappointed by your poor behaviour she gives you the cane...

Check it out here:

Here is a teeny tiny taster of this 9min 30 second film:

Bottom Worship:  

You have earned yourself a real treat! In my leather skirt and boots I silently instruct you to get on your knees and worship my bottom. As the music entices me to move, you adore the smell, and the shape of my leather clad bottom before I ever so slowly undo the zip and slip the skirt off to reveal my red panties underneath. Elegantly I move silently to tease and torment you in my red panties until I test you even more by slowly peeling them off...

Here is a taster for you from this 8min 40 second film:

Headmistress's Special Detention:  

So! You like wasting my time do you? Well I have had just about enough of your antics so you find yourself here in my special detention on a Saturday afternoon. Once I have administered a thorough spanking I have a cruel and unusual punishment for you to complete, which I promise will waste plenty of your time!

Here it a tiny taster for you from this 5min 30 second film:

Custom-made Cuckold:  

A custom-made clip for someone I know very well indeed! You have presented yourself to me as a potential pleasure slave, the highest position a slave may hold. However, on inspection it is clear you do not make the grade at all! I downgrade you to my cuckold slave, so I may take pleasure in your suffering when I invite my girlfriends over to play....

Check it out here:

Here is a tiny taster of this 10 minute film:

Go forth and enjoy!

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