Custom Clips

 You have watched my clips, thoroughly enjoyed them and want to try something new; you want Me to take control of your discipline in the form of a custom (or set of) custom clips.  

 I have formatted my information in a Q&A format, but if you have anything you wish to ask that I don't answer here, then do get in touch using the email I provide.  Remember to format your email and approach me politely, otherwise you will be ignored.

How do I book a Custom Clip with you, Dr Woods?

If you have a custom clip idea you would like me to bring to life then get in touch with me and we can discuss the possibilities:

What fetishes do you offer?

I love to control you in so many ways, however here are the fetishes I don't engage in:

- Age regression or age play

- Adult baby

- Scat play

- castration 

Avoid these and you SHOULD be safe.

How long are the clips you offer?

I offer clips of lengths:

- 5 minutes

- 10 minutes

-15 minutes

longer clips may be available on request do ask if you think your discipline needs my attention for longer. 

How much do your Custom Clips cost?

This varies really based on how long you want your clip to be, what sort of activities are involved, and whether you want your clip to be exclusive to you. 

If you want an EXCLUSIVE custom clip then this will cost you significantly more, but the copyright becomes yours and yours alone, so the clip is quite literally for your eyes only.  

Do you perform on your own or with others?

I perform a LOT of customs alone (solo performer), as I do love the verbal creativity this allows, however I do have friends on the scene I can play with. Do bear in mind you will need to cover two performers fees and the cost of a filming venue. However, if you want something elaborate, then I am most happy to bring this to life for you....but be careful what you wish for! Two Dominant ladies can difficult to handle.

What about hair and costume?

I have a huge wardrobe of fetish wear, lingerie and domestic clothing and I am creative with hair and makeup. Obviously if I don't have the specific item I can get hold of this for you for an extra charge.

What is the film quality like?

I film my clips in high quality and you can request I film using two angles to increase the interest in your film. You will receive a clip that is fully edited to the highest standard. 

I have made some HUGELY imaginative clips for folks thus far, so get your (creative!) juices flowing and get in touch today and I shall make your fantasy disciplinary a reality.

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