Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Foot fetishist's delight!

Hello folks,  I do hope you are all staying safe and well.  I have had a bit of time of it.  My grandmother (she is 93) went into hospital nearly 2 weeks ago with sepsis.  Given her age we all thought her number was up, but pure miracle, she has pulled through and is going home today!  I repeat; she is 93.  I am so happy, as her dying in hospital would have broken my heart.

Ok, onto the kink, well; I shall be making new smut tomorrow, but for now here are some mouthwatering clips all featuring my beautiful ballet-dancer's feet.  Do enjoy them!  I have 38 titles available at my IWantClips store and you may find them all here:

And foot fetishists rejoice, because there is plenty of opportunity to worship my feet, find those clips here:

My Foot Slave:

Watch my patent heels enter the room, whilst you wait, kneeling to serve me I slowly remove my heels before allowing you to sniff and massage my nylon-clad feet before finally allowing you to massage and suck on my bare toes. I warn you; they will be VERY sweaty

Find this clip here:

Sweaty Plimsoles, sweaty feet:

I come home after a heavy tennis session with the SWEATIEST feet you will have every smelt or tasted. Well, it is your lucky day as I take off my plimsolls and have you take a good sniff on those. With my socks on I make you sniff some more, before stuffing a sock into your mouth for you to sniff on my toes.....I do finally let you lick and suck on the sweat!

Find this clip here:

Human Footstool:

Let us see whether we can find you something that we are good at, shall we? I have you kneel to take my feet on your back and berate you for attempting to take a peak up my skirt. I find my feet are still sore though, so I take my shoes off and place my bare feet onto your back. What a good footstool you are!

Suck on my heels, suck on my toes:

Dressed in regal purple, I give you 10 minutes of unadulterated patent heel and foot worship. My long ballet dancer's toes are a sight to behold with perfectly painted red nails. How could you resist?

Go forth and worship my beautiful, balletic feet!

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