Monday, 20 April 2020

Four new titles released onto my IWantClips site!

Just as the title suggests, I have been having a lot of fun today playing and preparing these clips, so go forth and enjoy the BRAND NEW titles listed only today:

1. Head girl blackmail-fantasy:  You may have thought I was the head girl of your dreams but it turns out I am a nightmare for you, especially when you realise I have you over a barrel.  See my enjoyment as I turn you into my humiliating for you!

2.  Prepare your gingery plug:  Get yourself some fresh ginger, and prepare your fig plug with me before inserting it into your bottom for me to enjoy your burn...all whilst I am dressed in full dressage gear!  Lovely.

3.  Control your cock:  Watch me tease a dildo cock; first with my hands, then with my stocking-clad feet and finally my bare toes, all whilst being forced to control your urges...until I release you from your torment!

4.  Your cock is too tiny:  You have suggested you might please me, so I take you at your word and have you show yourself.  BUT, instead of satisfying your desires I criticise the size of your penis, measuring it with a ruler and teasing it with my tweezers, leaving your red-faced and totally unsatisfied!

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