Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Out to play

Hello folks,

I do hope you are all staying safe and well.  You will be pleased to know I have been out in force and have added 5 more videos to my IWantClips site:

Punishment maths test.  Interact with me as I set you a mathematics test of 10 questions for you to submit to me for assessment.  Be warned though, I have a VERY high pass rate, and failure WILL result in a punishment being handed to you.  Take a look here:

Corner time punishment.  Listen to ALL my instructions to complete your corner time punishment with me, your Headmistress. I want you to spend your time in the corner thinking about your reprehensible behaviour...take a look here:

Sweaty plimsolls, sweaty feet.  Take a good sniff of my VERY sweaty plimsolls, before I stuff my sweaty sock in your mouth.  You are in for a treat though as I order you to sniff and taste my sweaty feet and toes!  Take a look here:  

Suck on my patent high heels.  Show me how eager you can be with that mouth and tongue.  Take my extremely high patent heels deep in that mouth of yours.  Take a look here:

From office boss to office bitch.  Having returned from your luxury holiday you return to find me as the the new CEO of the company and you demoted to office junior.  I take great pride in stripping you of your clothing and humiliating you mercilessly after so many years of taking us female staff for granted.  Take a look here:

Go forth and explore my content, ready for you to 'enjoy' now!

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