Sunday, 6 June 2021

School staff introduction: Matron

 At My school house, over at AVNstars and Clips4Sale, I have an ever-increasing number of staff members to keep your discipline and behaviour under control.  In this post I shall tell you all about the role of your school Matron.

Matron is in charge of looking after your health and well-being, however, be under no impression that she is a soft touch; she isn't.  You may find yourself sent to see Matron for a number of reasons, including the following (non-exhaustive) list:

1.  Have you presented a sick note in Gym class?  Well, you had better hope that it is legitimate, because if Matron checks you out and finds you fighting fit you may find yourself bent over for a dose of her strap.

2. You are to be subjected to numerous underwear inspections at My school.  Matron will conduct these and woe-betide you if she finds any questionable stains; you may find yourself across her lap for a spanking with her latex-gloved hand.

3. You like to play with yourself don't you?  Like to have a sneaky masturbation session?  Disgusting.  If you are caught doing this, you will find yourself in Matron's office with your palms outstretched for the tawse.  Wandering hands need firm discipline.  Matron's tawse will make you think twice about touching yourself in the future.

4. Caught in the girls dormitory wing after lights-out?  Matron has her special wooden hairbrush to deal with that behaviour. When lights are out, you are to be tucked up in bed.

With all this in mind, you had better toe the line if you wish to avoid Matron's wrath.  She will brook no mercy and will apply any number of strict disciplinary measures to keep you in line without hesitation.  

Do you want to see Matron in action?  You may find here here:

Boarders (subscribers):

Day pupils:

Now then, I suggest you behave!

Saturday, 3 April 2021

End-of-term updates

Hello pupils, as you know, your education is of the gravest importance, and it has come to my attention that many of you are in need of a more traditional approach, where spankings, detention, mouth-soapings and corner-times are just a few of the methods I deploy to keep you all in line.  I have two types of pupil at my school; Boarders, and day pupils.

Boarders may enrol at my school here over at AVN, where ALL my films clips and photos are included in your school fees.  For just $10 a month you receive two full-length clips and plenty of photos to help guide you in your school career.

For those of you who prefer to sign up to day schooling, you may find ALL my clips (of which there are more than 30 full-length clips) here:

Here are all my latest updates: 

A visit to the headmistress (series part 2):

Filmed in HD.  Having been punished by the gym mistress, you are sent to the Headmistress to be dealt with further.  You are expecting to be suspended, however the Headmistress decides on a different tack; She gives you a good spanking, until your bottom is bright red and VERY sore.  However, this is not the end of your punishment, as you are shown the special Punishment Stool upon which you must sit your bare bottom on to do a long handwritten punishment of lines. This will be a punishment you will not forget in a hurry in this immersive spanking clip.

Find this dose of discipline here:

A spanking from the prefect:

Filmed in HD.  When you turn up for late for prep, I, as your prefect, take great pleasure in enforcing the rules.  I waste no time in telling you exactly what I am going to do; give you a damned good spanking across my knee on your bare bottom.  Worst of all, for you, however is I do exactly that in front of ALL your class mates.  It is not just your bottom cheeks that are left red by the time I have finished with you in this Immersive Spanking Experience.

Matron's underwear inspection:

When you are found to be touching yourself in school, you are given a rather unusual punishment.  You are sent to Matron for a very humiliating underwear inspection.  Things get even worse for you, however, when Matron discovers suspect stains in your underwear.  Your cheeks may be reddening on your face, but Matron will soon redden your bottom cheeks too as she hauls you over her knee for a thorough spanking with her nitrile examination gloves on.  Oh the humiliation of it all!

The ruler for passing notes in class:

Filmed in HD.  Caught messing about and passing notes in class, you are hauled to the front and placed on your knees by me.  I scold you severely before having you hold out your hands, palms up, one on top of the other.  You are subjected to six searing strokes on alternating palms under my cold stare in this POV immersive spanking clip. Sent back to your desk, you will think twice before passing notes under my watchful eye again!

Remember, your attendance at school is mandatory, don't be late!

Friday, 19 March 2021

Half-term news

 Hello pupils!  There has been no significant improvements to your behaviour, which I find extremely disappointing. I will not have this kind of unruly saviour in my school!  You discipline is important and you will learn to behave.  

If you enrolled as a Boarder, you will find regular disciplinary measures applied, as well as the opportunity to gain credits for extra work and detentions on a 1-2-1 custom clip basis.  If this is what you think your schooling needs, then enrolled here as a student of Dr Woods School House:

If your schooling is better suited to Day Pupil status, then you will find my classes and punishments here, in the form of 32 full-length clips:

My latest disciplinary measures are:

Bully, Caned - filmed in HD

When you are sent to my office for bullying, you think it is all terribly funny, don't you?  However, I soon wipe the grin off your face when I announce the most serious caning I have ever administered as Headmistress; 24 stroke of the senior cane.  I have you bare your bottom and touch your toes for my cane, and with every biting swish to be experienced, you really will feel chastened by the time I have finished.  

However, I have not finished with you once our caning is complete. I send you back to class without your trousers or underwear, with a sign pinned to the back of your shirt, so that everyone in the school may see what happens to bullies.  How utterly shameful for you.

Find this clip here:

A trailer...

Detention Punishment - Filmed in HD

Behaving badly in class earns you a detention.  Behaving badly in detention earns you my heavy leather strap!  I waste no time in baring your bottom to receive your just desserts and I deliver EVERY stroke to you live, so you may wriggle and writhe as each stroke lands.  I am not done with you there, however, as I sent you to stand, nose against the wall for the remaining 50 minutes of your detention.  Don't you dare drop that book!

Find this clip here:

A trailer for you...

The Plimsoll from the Gym Mistress - Filmed in HD

Caught smoking behind the chapel instead of cheering on the school team at hockey, the gym mistress calls you back to be dealt with.  After quite the scolding, you find your bare bottom stuck on the air across my knee for a thorough spanking with my gym plimsoll.  Your punishment does not end there, however, as I send you off to the Headmistress for the serious matter of smoking.  You will be for the high jump!

Find this clip here:

A little trailer for you...

Sunday, 7 March 2021

March Term Updates

 Good day to you all,

There has been plenty of misbehaviour over at Dr Woods school house.  Mouths have been soaped for bad language, spankings and canings have been administered where appropriate and even one hand-tawsing.  With corner-time, detentions and lines also administered, it really have been a busy term thus far.

Will you be my next school enrolment?

If you prefer you punishments tailored more to your crimes, then you may find individual school scenes over at my Clips4Sale site, here: 

My latest clips:

Caned at School, the belt when you get home (filmed in HD):

In trouble at school, you find yourself in the Headmistress' office for 12 searing strokes of the senior cane on your bare bottom.  However, your troubles do not end there when you are sent home with a note, describing your punishment.

When your Stepmother reads the note, she is less than impressed and you end up over the leather chair for a taste of her belt on the bare, before being sent to bed without supper!

In this immersive spanking experience, each cane and belt stroke may be seen and and heard, meaning you may sink deeply into your much-deserved punishment.

Find it here:

Spanked for test failure (filmed in HD):

'Come in and take your seat.  It is time to take your general knowledge test.  Get your pens out, eyes down and listen very carefully.'
When I mark your test, you score a mark that suggests you have been spending too much time playing with your friends and not enough time studying in the library.  To correct this, I have you see me after class, whereupon I haul you across my lap for a bare bottom spanking.  
With visual and audio aids, this clip immersive spanking experience allows you to sink yourself in to the spanking you deserve as the scene plays out before you.

If you would like to attend my office and confess to a personal misdeed, that needs a tailored punishment for you to feel completely absolved, then you may order your Custom Punishment Clip with me today.  Contact me via:

Sunday, 28 February 2021

The latest updates at Dr Woods School House

 Hello pupils!  It does seem as if you have not been behaving yourselves at all well, have you?  From spankings to canings, you have been keeping myself and my staff VERY busy.

Daily school disciplinary measures are used over at my School Members Page at AVN.stars, which you may find here.  Many people have already joined.  Will you be my next school enrolment?

If you prefer you punishments tailored more to your crimes, then you may find individual school scenes over at my Clips4Sale site, here: 

My latest scenes, complete with trailers....

Mouth-soaped and caned for swearing - filmed in HD

Dragged into my office, you know you are in deep trouble.  You have been sent to me for swearing at your teacher.  This is very serious and you receive a scolding from me to match your crime!  First I clean out that mouth of yours, making sure you think twice before using such language at school EVER again.  However, this is not the end of the matter....

I have you bend over and touch your toes, gripping the bar of soap between your teeth whilst you receive 12 searing strokes of the senior cane from me on your bare bottom.

With genuine sights and sounds of my administering your caning, this immersive spanking clip really allows you to sink into the punishment you have earned.

Find it here:

A Spanking from Stepmom - filmed in HD

When you decide to show off in front of your friends, using bad language in the garden, your Stepmom decides to take you in hand with a very traditional punishment.  To prove that you are never too old to go over my knee, I haul you into place for a thorough spanking.  However, before I begin I have you leave the back door open, so your friends may hear you receiving your spanking and the howls and wails that emit as I decide to spank you long and hard.  You will think twice before opening your mouth in future...

With each slap visible and audible, you can really immerse yourself into punishment with me in this scene.

Find this clip here:

Enjoy you dose of desired discipline.