Monday 21 March 2022

Pegging and a Giantess

 Hello folks, good behaviour earns rewards. Remember this, and act on it and you will please me well. I have two new clips to share with you:

Giantess 'city' squash:

From a custom order: Leia has grown so tall she towers over the city she once lived in. Now in full control, she taunts the city, threatening to squash it with her Huge Boobs and Giantess Bottom.  Laughing at her new-found size, Leia does squash the 'city', crushing the 'buildings' with her breasts and bottom.  Giantess lovers will be hot for this scene.

Note: Buildings here are represented by paper cups.

Find this clip here:

OR here:

Head Girl cane and peg:

As your Head Girl, nothing pleases me more than humiliating you, so you can be sure of what you are in for when I summon you to my office this afternoon.  My sharp tongue soon has you put in your place; bent over and ready to receive my can, which you hear swish through the air before it 'cracks' onto your bottom. 

You may hope that you are finished there, but I have something else planed for you; my cock! Your legs are parted and I have you take my cock nice a deep in that tight ass hole of yours. You can't help but love it, which makes you blush all the more!

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That is all folks. Go forth and 'enjoy' yourselves....!

Monday 21 February 2022

Humiliation and worship are the order of the day!

 Hello folks,

I trust you are all doing as you should and are following the rules. You know just what will happen if you find yourself outside my office, don't you!  I have some tease and some discipline for you to devour.  My clips are available in two places:


Here are my latest updates:

Red Gloves and Corset Tease:

If you wish to please me then you must learn to control yourself. However, I don't plan to make it easy for you! I have you kneel, your balls still aching from denial, and I begin to dance most sensually for you. My gloves caress my shapely bottom, and my muscular legs and my corset accentuates my perfect hourglass figure. Just when you thought you had survived my teasing session, I remove the gloves and my underwear and dance some bare bottom and pussy just inches from your nose! Those balls will be purple by the time I have finished!

Find this clip here:


Maid to My slaves:

I have granted you an audience with me, with the view to you become a member of my slaves stable.  I have you strip before me to see how you measure up. I have VERY high standards, as you well know!  You parade yourself before me, but you can see from my face that you simply don't measure up and the tongue-lashing you receive from me is VERY humiliating

 It gets worse for you though, because I do find you a spot in my a maid to my slaves!  How are not just a slave, but a slave to MY slaves.  Bottom of the rung, the lowest of the low. With no choice left to you, you take up this very demeaning position. Who knows when you will find yourself in my presence again....

Find this clip here:


That's all folks, You will enjoy your new place in My world!

Monday 24 January 2022

NEW Clip for you to devour: Goddess

 Hello miscreants,

I hope you are still behaving as you should and holding to your New Year's resolutions.  I have a New Clip for you to enjoy, and two locations for you to choose to acquire it, called Goddess.

Imagine.  You are in the next room, but the glass window to the next room allows you to watch me getting ready to deal with you. From moisturising my legs and putting on my fully fashioned stockings and heels to sliding on my little black dress, fixing my hair and make-up you see every step I take to immortalise the Goddess I am. I must be driving you crazy....don't you DARE touch yourself; you have 6 of the best to come from me!

Find it here:

OR here:

....Be careful.  Your balls will explode this clip is so hot.

Thursday 15 July 2021

School staff introduction: Sister Woods, the school nun

  At My school house, over at AVNstars and Clips4Sale, I have an ever-increasing number of staff members to keep your discipline and behaviour under control.  In this post I shall tell you all about the role Sister Woods, the school Nun.

Introducing Sister Woods, in charge of maintaining pure thoughts and pure deeds in every single one of you pupils.  Sister who is in charge of pastoral care and personal development. She has been hired by your Headmistress, who is concerned by the amount of masturbating, peeking and naughty magazines at her school. Be warned! Sister Woods brooks no mercy and brings with her the Strap of Sin and the Slipper of Shame.

1. Caught masturbating at night in house? You can be sure of an audience with Sister Woods, who will shame you for you disgusting behaviour before doling out some painful and humiliating punishment.  It may be a cold shower, it may be deep heat on the naughty cock of yours.  Whatever she chooses, it will make you think twice before doing it again!

2. The Strap of Sin is Sister Woods first form of punishment to meet your bottom.  Bare and upturned, she will pay no heed to your cries and moans, not until the Strap of Sin has completed its good work.

3. The Slipper of Shame is really humiliating.  Hauled across Sister Woods knee like a naughty little boy, she will pull down your underwear and beet you mercilessly with her slipper. Be careful not to let Sister Woods feel you become hard across her legs, else you may find yourself in for a VERY humiliating front of all your friends.

If you would like to see more of Sister Woods, then find her over at My school house here (subscribers):

Or here if you prefer individual download:

Be careful what you wish for....