Thursday, 25 June 2020

New torments for you to 'enjoy'

Hello folks,

I hope you are all staying safe, well, and most importantly sane!  I have 38 clips on my Clips4Sale store for your consumption, and you may find my Dominant Domain here:

I also have two NEW clips for you to enjoy, take a look:

A Kick for a Kiss:

You present yourself to me wanting to worship my perfect, muscular body. However, for someone like you there is a price to pay; for every kiss you wish to plant on my body, I will give you a kick in the balls. How much pain will you take to win the kisses you desire?

You may find this hot clip, and a preview, by clicking here:

Finding your level:

You have punched well above your weight applying for 'Office Junior' to me, haven't you? Simple filing seems to be beyond you. In the absence of any intelligent life I must find you some meaningful work for you to do and I have just the thing! I pull out a domestic duties gag, designed to humiliate you mercilessly. The attachment today is a toilet brush gag, and I waste no time in setting you to work cleaning each and every one of the office toilets until they gleam! My other employees will be so amused by your predicament...

You may find this hot clip, and a preview, by clicking here:  

Now, go and enjoy, that is not a request!

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Teased and controlled!

Hello all,

I hope you are staying safe and well.  My Domme side is getting darker and sexier by the week, and you may find my entire catalogue of Domme clips here:

I have two glorious NEW clips to tell you all about:

Your balls are in the palm of my hand (10 minute clip)

This is a VERY descriptive clip, where I use the small (!) oranges in my hand to demonstrate how I wish you to bust your balls for me. Will you send me the results of my domination from a distance? Finally, watch me tease your 'balls' with my high heels, as I demonstrate that which you must suffer if you are to serve under my collar....

You can find this interactive clip here:

Fully Fashioned stockings (12 minute clip) 

If you love long, muscular legs encased in fully fashioned seamed stockings, then you will love this film. I tease you, I tantalise you and I torment you. You are ACHING to get closer to me, but I deny you. Allowing you to watch, helpless as I stroke every inch of my stockings to drive you crazy, which of course is my pleasure! 

Don't forget, you may also direct your own fantasy with me by ordering a Custom Clip with me on my IWantClips page simply by clicking on 'Order Custom' and make YOUR fantasy come to life!

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Irresistible Clips

Hello all, I do hope you are safe and well.  I have two, stunningly gorgeous clips for you this week, and here is a teeny preview:

These and my other 33 hot clips may be found at my store here:

English Beauty:

I tease you mercilessly in this clip, making you all hot under the collar for me, the unattainable beauty. Slowly revealing what is underneath my long coat, you are driven crazy by my nylon stocking-clad legs, patent heels and black sexy underwear with corseted waist. How could you resist watching me over and over again?

To see a preview and get your hands on this clip, follow this link:

Teased and Denied:

Don't you touch that cock of yours. Kneel and watch, keeping those wandering hands from touching that which they should not. Watch me slowly remove my patent high heels, revealing my feet clad in 100% nylon stockings. Slowly I tease you mercilessly with a slow and sensual removal of my nylon stocking, before whipping you into a frenzy by slowly and sensually moisturising my long, muscular legs. I hope you obeyed my one command....

To see a preview and get your hands on this clip, follow this link:

Enjoy!  And remember my one command....

Thursday, 4 June 2020

Hot new content!

Hello folks,

Hope you are doing ok.  I had the greatest pleasure of seeing my family for the first time in four months.  It was strange not hugging each other, but it was certainly a wonderful day.  We must take nothing for granted.

I have some great new clips for you, along with 29 other clips a my IWantClips store, which are hot and sexy.  Take a peek here:

Nylon Pantyhose: 
(Nylon Tights if you are British!)

Worship my perfect long legs clad in nylon pantyhose. My red lacy panties are clearly visible underneath and you are dying to sniff them aren't you? Well! It is your lucky day. I have you lie on the floor while I sit on your you the best view possible. But such torment! Yo are so close to my most intimate area but the nylon pantyhose are a constant barrier between your nose and me. I have another treat for you....I take off the lacy panties and sit on your face once more....with only my nylon pantyhose between my skin and your nose!

Headgirl's Humiliating JOI:

This is one character I have had tremendous fun developing, so you may see more of her in the future, but in this clip, she is particularly cruel!  The head girl knows you are a peeper, she has seen the tell-tale twitching in your trousers. She has you kneeling before her, stroking to her instructions. Your blushes are not spared as she laughs at your size before spitting on a lifelike dildo to have you masturbate for her entertainment....

Rubber Catsuit: 

You cannot resist me can you? Dressed from head to foot in my rubber catsuit. I quickly begin to sweat, between my breasts, underneath my breasts and under my armpits. Your tongue is aching to taste my sweat and smell my scent. And I am pleased to get that tongue of yours working hard to lick up every drop of sweat from between my breasts, underneath my breasts and finally my armpits....

Take a look here:

Go forth and enjoy....