Saturday, 20 February 2021

Tailored Torments

 Hello folks,

Things have been moving fast over at Dr Woods School House.  I have launched my clips as available for individual download over at Clips4Sale, and already I am a top 10 rated store for Adult School fetish.  This endorsement I am very proud of. 

You may wonder where my love of all things Adult School comes from.  Well, I am a highly educated lady, who spent 5 of her informative years at a British boarding school.  This no doubt had a huge effect upon me as I grew up in this strict school environment, and I drew upon these experiences when I created my school.  

Now, I have had a few of you asking me if I offer Custom Clips, where your punishment is tailored to a specific misdemeanour you wish to be absolved of.  Well, the answer to that is YES!  I do.  I have already done a few of these Custom Clips, and I have to say those of you that have already ordered have been very naughty.  I hope I have taught you the error of your ways.  If you would like to find yourself in my office to be chastised for your misdeed(s) then get in touch with me via email and we shall bring this to life.

In other news, I have a NEW immersive spanking clip for you, and I am going to use this opportunity to tell you all about it.  

Tawsed on the hands for playing with yourself:

Caught masturbating, you have been sent to me, Matron to be severely dealt with. It is not long before I have you staring mournfully at your shoes when I scold you most thoroughly for your disgusting behaviour.  You are not prepared for my special form of deterrent, however, which is a tawsing on your hands.  Six strokes.  Three searing strokes will land on each palm before I am finished with you.

With every whistle and crack of the tawse both visible audible, this immersive spanking experience allows you to sink fully into the hand-tawsing you deserve for such disgusting behaviour!  Needless to say you will think twice next time that naughty hand wanders towards your little thing....

Find this clip here:

And here is a little teaser for you...

And another....

Caned for cheating by the Headmistress:

At first I was pleased to see your results improve so dramatically. However, it seems you have not been knuckling down to your work, but cheating instead.  This is a most serious transgression; one that deserves 18 strokes of my senior cane.  Before I begin I prepare for you to bend over.  I want that bottom stretched tight!  

With every whistle and crack of the cane both visible audible, this immersive spanking experience allows you to sink fully into the caning you know you deserve.

Find this scene here:

Enjoy my latest scenes and I look forward to hearing all about your misdeeds....

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