Sunday, 14 February 2021

A New Immersive Experience for you

 Hello folks,

I hope you are staying sane and well.  I wrote last week on the subject of exploring my creativity and taking my content to mew levels where I could.  Well, this week I have managed to create a whole new style of content for you to enjoy; a POV spanking immersive experience where you see me deliver each stroke to your bottom and hear the sound of each strike as it lands upon your reddening cheeks!  These clips are already proving HUGELY popular so I thought I should share these clips with you today.  I have made two of these clips so far to add to my ever growing content over at Dr Woods School House and I have further cunning plans for this week, which I am very excited to create!

Already Dr Woods School House is listed as a TOP 10 store over at Clips4Sale, after only being open for 10 days. I already have 23 mouth-watering clips for you to choose from for individual download.

 Find out why folk are enjoying my clips so much here:

My latest immersive experience clips ARE available:

The Hairbrush From Matron - Filmed in HD

'When you are found hanging around the girls dormitories, the resident housemistress sends you to matron.  Your excuses of sleepwalking fall on deaf ears, however, and you soon find yourself across my knee to receive a blistering spanking with my wooden hairbrush.  First your spanking is over your pyjama bottoms, but matron adds to your humiliation by pulling your pyjama bottoms down to continue your spanking on your bare bottom.

You will be napping on your front tonight!  

In this immersive spanking experience you see AND hear every stroke land upon your bottom, allowing you to sink fully into the spanking you deserve.'

Find this clip here:

A Spanking from the Headmistress - filmed in HD

'YOU have been sent to the Headmistress for being disruptive in class!  You are given a thorough scolding before being turned over my knee for a spanking on your bare bottom.  Beware my extra humiliating instructions once your spanking is over...every one is going to see your bare bottom glowing bright red!

In this immersive experience, you take the role of pupil, hearing each and every stroke of my hand land on your upturned bottom, allowing yourself to sink fully into the scene as you imagine my spanking YOUR bare bottom bright red!'

Find this clip here:

I also feature my School House over at AVN stars for those of you who prefer to subscribe to a page.  If you wish to enrol in my school, then find my School House here:

Now on from all things corporal punishment and school, I have spent the last 11 months discovering some of the other kink, beyond spanking, that also make me tick.  From JOI and SPH to stockings and sweat, you will find all my other torments for you here at my IWantClips store.  Take a browse and get to know the Dr better here:

Go forth and enjoy!

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