Sunday, 28 February 2021

The latest updates at Dr Woods School House

 Hello pupils!  It does seem as if you have not been behaving yourselves at all well, have you?  From spankings to canings, you have been keeping myself and my staff VERY busy.

Daily school disciplinary measures are used over at my School Members Page at AVN.stars, which you may find here.  Many people have already joined.  Will you be my next school enrolment?

If you prefer you punishments tailored more to your crimes, then you may find individual school scenes over at my Clips4Sale site, here: 

My latest scenes, complete with trailers....

Mouth-soaped and caned for swearing - filmed in HD

Dragged into my office, you know you are in deep trouble.  You have been sent to me for swearing at your teacher.  This is very serious and you receive a scolding from me to match your crime!  First I clean out that mouth of yours, making sure you think twice before using such language at school EVER again.  However, this is not the end of the matter....

I have you bend over and touch your toes, gripping the bar of soap between your teeth whilst you receive 12 searing strokes of the senior cane from me on your bare bottom.

With genuine sights and sounds of my administering your caning, this immersive spanking clip really allows you to sink into the punishment you have earned.

Find it here:

A Spanking from Stepmom - filmed in HD

When you decide to show off in front of your friends, using bad language in the garden, your Stepmom decides to take you in hand with a very traditional punishment.  To prove that you are never too old to go over my knee, I haul you into place for a thorough spanking.  However, before I begin I have you leave the back door open, so your friends may hear you receiving your spanking and the howls and wails that emit as I decide to spank you long and hard.  You will think twice before opening your mouth in future...

With each slap visible and audible, you can really immerse yourself into punishment with me in this scene.

Find this clip here:

Enjoy you dose of desired discipline.

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