Saturday, 6 February 2021

School days and other exciting updates!

 This pandemic has been very tough for us all.  However, one thing I am immensely grateful for is the opportunity to develop my creative side over the last 10 months.  This has truly been organic, from experimenting with different kinks, finding out what really makes me tick, alongside my passion for all things Corporal Punishment to ever more elaborate set creation and improving the quality of my content and editing.  I have recently been able to film in HD, providing you with an experience that is much enhanced to my earlier content.  I do hope you enjoy my journey as much as I have.

I do love and have always loved the school setting, where tradition meets gentle kinks, such as fully-fashioned seamed stockings, patent heels and pussy bow blouses.  It is for this reason I have begun to really focus most of my energy on these types of scenes, creating a mixture of immersive and interactive clips where I focus on your feeling like you are actually in the classroom with me.  I am always wanting to grow my ideas, both creatively and technically so next week I shall be experimenting with something new.  Keep those eyes of yours peeled!

If, like me, you have a passion for all things Adult School, then you may enjoy my content in the following ways: - This is a subscription site and one that is regularly updated with photos and clips of realistic school scenes for you to enjoy.  If you like to subscribe to your kink then this is the place for you. - This is my clips page.  Here, you are at liberty to pick and choose the scenes that excite you the most and download YOUR choice of content.  This site is relatively new but will have at least 20 clips available on it by the end of the weekend.  

IF you want to see what turns me on beyond the world of CP and school scenarios then, other than these scenes, you will find all my other kinks (JOI, SPH, feet and heels, to name but a few!) at my other store here.  If you like your kink with a twist, then this is the place you need to explore:

Go forth and enjoy, that is my final word!

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