Monday, 24 January 2022

NEW Clip for you to devour: Goddess

 Hello miscreants,

I hope you are still behaving as you should and holding to your New Year's resolutions.  I have a New Clip for you to enjoy, and two locations for you to choose to acquire it, called Goddess.

Imagine.  You are in the next room, but the glass window to the next room allows you to watch me getting ready to deal with you. From moisturising my legs and putting on my fully fashioned stockings and heels to sliding on my little black dress, fixing my hair and make-up you see every step I take to immortalise the Goddess I am. I must be driving you crazy....don't you DARE touch yourself; you have 6 of the best to come from me!

Find it here:

OR here:

....Be careful.  Your balls will explode this clip is so hot.

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