Friday, 19 March 2021

Half-term news

 Hello pupils!  There has been no significant improvements to your behaviour, which I find extremely disappointing. I will not have this kind of unruly saviour in my school!  You discipline is important and you will learn to behave.  

If you enrolled as a Boarder, you will find regular disciplinary measures applied, as well as the opportunity to gain credits for extra work and detentions on a 1-2-1 custom clip basis.  If this is what you think your schooling needs, then enrolled here as a student of Dr Woods School House:

If your schooling is better suited to Day Pupil status, then you will find my classes and punishments here, in the form of 32 full-length clips:

My latest disciplinary measures are:

Bully, Caned - filmed in HD

When you are sent to my office for bullying, you think it is all terribly funny, don't you?  However, I soon wipe the grin off your face when I announce the most serious caning I have ever administered as Headmistress; 24 stroke of the senior cane.  I have you bare your bottom and touch your toes for my cane, and with every biting swish to be experienced, you really will feel chastened by the time I have finished.  

However, I have not finished with you once our caning is complete. I send you back to class without your trousers or underwear, with a sign pinned to the back of your shirt, so that everyone in the school may see what happens to bullies.  How utterly shameful for you.

Find this clip here:

A trailer...

Detention Punishment - Filmed in HD

Behaving badly in class earns you a detention.  Behaving badly in detention earns you my heavy leather strap!  I waste no time in baring your bottom to receive your just desserts and I deliver EVERY stroke to you live, so you may wriggle and writhe as each stroke lands.  I am not done with you there, however, as I sent you to stand, nose against the wall for the remaining 50 minutes of your detention.  Don't you dare drop that book!

Find this clip here:

A trailer for you...

The Plimsoll from the Gym Mistress - Filmed in HD

Caught smoking behind the chapel instead of cheering on the school team at hockey, the gym mistress calls you back to be dealt with.  After quite the scolding, you find your bare bottom stuck on the air across my knee for a thorough spanking with my gym plimsoll.  Your punishment does not end there, however, as I send you off to the Headmistress for the serious matter of smoking.  You will be for the high jump!

Find this clip here:

A little trailer for you...

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