Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Cucky Hubby

Hello to you all.  I hope you are staying safe and well.  I have discovered a few new kinks during this lockdown, some of which I shall be developing in my own unique style, including cuckolding! (who knew I would enjoy this?!).  I have 39 tantalising clips at my store and you may find them all here:

Most recently I have begun an exciting new series, the first part of which is available now!  How would you feel for me to diminish you to a cuckold, my Cucky Hubby?  Here is more about this clip:

Cucky Hubby:  Fall from Grace:

Do you really think that you have rights to me in the bedroom just because we are now married? Think again! You must prove yourself to me to earn your place in my bed. First you must pass a penis measurement test, and then that you must demonstrate what you can do with that useless piece of flesh of yours but be warned, I have set a time pressure for this JOI. If you don't pass, you are turned into my Cucky Hubby, only good for cleaning up....after my sexual acts with other men!

The next part in this series is coming(!) very soon, so keep those eyes peeled!

Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Foot fetishist's delight!

Hello folks,  I do hope you are all staying safe and well.  I have had a bit of time of it.  My grandmother (she is 93) went into hospital nearly 2 weeks ago with sepsis.  Given her age we all thought her number was up, but pure miracle, she has pulled through and is going home today!  I repeat; she is 93.  I am so happy, as her dying in hospital would have broken my heart.

Ok, onto the kink, well; I shall be making new smut tomorrow, but for now here are some mouthwatering clips all featuring my beautiful ballet-dancer's feet.  Do enjoy them!  I have 38 titles available at my IWantClips store and you may find them all here:

And foot fetishists rejoice, because there is plenty of opportunity to worship my feet, find those clips here:

My Foot Slave:

Watch my patent heels enter the room, whilst you wait, kneeling to serve me I slowly remove my heels before allowing you to sniff and massage my nylon-clad feet before finally allowing you to massage and suck on my bare toes. I warn you; they will be VERY sweaty

Find this clip here:  https://iwantclips.com/store/786769/LeiaAnnWoods/2067100/My-foot-slave

Sweaty Plimsoles, sweaty feet:

I come home after a heavy tennis session with the SWEATIEST feet you will have every smelt or tasted. Well, it is your lucky day as I take off my plimsolls and have you take a good sniff on those. With my socks on I make you sniff some more, before stuffing a sock into your mouth for you to sniff on my toes.....I do finally let you lick and suck on the sweat!

Find this clip here:  https://iwantclips.com/store/786769/LeiaAnnWoods/2071764/Sweaty-plimsolls-sweaty-feet

Human Footstool:

Let us see whether we can find you something that we are good at, shall we? I have you kneel to take my feet on your back and berate you for attempting to take a peak up my skirt. I find my feet are still sore though, so I take my shoes off and place my bare feet onto your back. What a good footstool you are!

Suck on my heels, suck on my toes:

Dressed in regal purple, I give you 10 minutes of unadulterated patent heel and foot worship. My long ballet dancer's toes are a sight to behold with perfectly painted red nails. How could you resist?

Go forth and worship my beautiful, balletic feet!

Friday, 3 July 2020

The Headmistress' office

You know your behaviour is not up to scratch, and I, as your headmistress, will endeavour to bring you back into line, using a variety of punishments, designed to make you think twice before misbehaving again.

Summoned to the Headmistress:

You have REALLY done it this time haven't you! You are given quite the scolding before having your trousers and underwear pulled down in preparation for a bare bottom spanking....

See this clip here:  https://iwantclips.com/store/786769/LeiaAnnWoods/2061490/Dr-Woods-Summoned-to-the-Headmistress

Lines in Detention:

You should be on your free time, shouldn't you? But instead you find yourself in detention with me and sentenced to lines. Watch the video for instructions on how to complete your lines and send them to me to be checked. Be warned; get any wrong and further punishment may be applied!

Caned by the Headmistress:

You have been summoned for the scolding of your life before being made to bare your bottom in preparation of my cane..

Corner time Punishment:

In order to complete this task fully you will need to pay full attrition to the instructions in my clip. I have had quite enough of your reprehensible behaviour and will have no more of it. Time you spent some time in the corner, just as I place you, to think about the consequences of your actions and how you can mend your ways...

12 of the cane from the headmistress:

You think you are quite the joker don't you? Well you find yourself summoned to me, the Headmistress for a thorough scolding, and a painful and humiliating punishment...

Now, I hope you have learned your lesson!  If not, you will find yourself stood before me once more....