About me

I have thought about and fantasised about corporal punishment from the age of six.  As I grew up many of my fantasies were purely submissive but as I matured a dominant side has emerged within me and continues to grow year on year.  My thoughts and fantasies have always have a psychological edge to them and that is no different when I am topping someone.  Whilst I love the administering of pure CP for the sake of sensation, taking my sub to a part of their mind they cannot reach with the stresses of daily life I like nothing more than a good scenario; a reason to give you the punishment you deserve.

There is nothing more satisfying than having you knock on my door to receive punishment for a real misdemeanour that you need to purge yourself of.  I love giving a miscreant such as yourself a proper verbal dressing down before the inevitable punishment you must receive...

How did I come to this point?  Well, I have many years experience as a submissive, where I played at all levels to the playful to the very extreme.  This has guided me as a Domme and, as my experience has grown I have drawn from my submissive experiences to give you a session you will never forget.  Because I truly know how each implement feels I have taken the time to learn how to use each one, from the accuracy required to produce searing cane strokes to having you face me whilst I fix my eyes on you for the hand tawsing you may need.  Not only that I understand the psychology behind a punishment and what that might entail for you.  

I love being in control, so drop yourself into my hands...you won't regret it.