Thursday, 15 July 2021

School staff introduction: Sister Woods, the school nun

  At My school house, over at AVNstars and Clips4Sale, I have an ever-increasing number of staff members to keep your discipline and behaviour under control.  In this post I shall tell you all about the role Sister Woods, the school Nun.

Introducing Sister Woods, in charge of maintaining pure thoughts and pure deeds in every single one of you pupils.  Sister who is in charge of pastoral care and personal development. She has been hired by your Headmistress, who is concerned by the amount of masturbating, peeking and naughty magazines at her school. Be warned! Sister Woods brooks no mercy and brings with her the Strap of Sin and the Slipper of Shame.

1. Caught masturbating at night in house? You can be sure of an audience with Sister Woods, who will shame you for you disgusting behaviour before doling out some painful and humiliating punishment.  It may be a cold shower, it may be deep heat on the naughty cock of yours.  Whatever she chooses, it will make you think twice before doing it again!

2. The Strap of Sin is Sister Woods first form of punishment to meet your bottom.  Bare and upturned, she will pay no heed to your cries and moans, not until the Strap of Sin has completed its good work.

3. The Slipper of Shame is really humiliating.  Hauled across Sister Woods knee like a naughty little boy, she will pull down your underwear and beet you mercilessly with her slipper. Be careful not to let Sister Woods feel you become hard across her legs, else you may find yourself in for a VERY humiliating front of all your friends.

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Be careful what you wish for....