Friday, 27 November 2020

New Headmistress' office and new clips for you!

 Hello folks,

I hope you are staying safe and sane and keeping busy where possible.  I have certainly been busy this week.  I have moved into a new Headmistress's office, so I will be more than capable of taking control of your behaviour remotely.  

I have also been busily updating my AVN Stars page, where for a monthly tribute you can enjoy regular updates from my Dark Dominant Domain, comment on my post and interact with me personally!  You don't want to be left out in the cold you you?  Thought not.  Find me here:

Of course I understand some of you like your Deviant Doctor via individual download, so find ALL of my 47 clips here at my IWantClips store:

Sticky Fingers:

You have been brought home by your ear and I am not at all impressed! Caught stealing I have persuaded the local police that I will deal with the matter in house. But don't think that lets you off the hook! You receive one hell of a scolding and your punishment is described in great detail by me, leaving you in no doubt of your sore bottom by the time I have finished with you!

Get your deserved dose of discipline right here:

Knee High Boots:

Admire my boots. Admire ME in my boots whilst I drive you crazy with my perfect long legs, clad in knee-highs. Suck on my heels when ordered to by me... And just when you thought I could not tease you enough I slowly unzip the boots to display the high arches of ballet-dancer's feet. Boots and foot lovers rejoice; this is the scene for you.

Worship my boots here:

That is all folks, and behave yourselves!

Friday, 13 November 2020

The Art of Control

 Hello folks,

I trust you are all keeping well and, most importantly, sane!  Enter my Dominant Domain with daily updates at my subscription site here, where you will quickly find yourself under my gaze....

I also have a new clip for you to enjoy over at my clip store, which you may find here:

If you prefer to download me individually, I have 45 tantalising clips for you to enjoy at my IWantClips store, which you will find here:

I have one new clip for you to enjoy this week:

The Art of Control:

I am naked in the bath. You are kneeling before me, hands on your head. You will watch me tease and torment you to distraction in sensual slow motion. Shall we see if we can get that tiny bit of flesh between your legs to work? You never know, I may even let you cum at the end of the to find out if you you are released or denied.

Enjoy this very sensual form of torment from me....

Friday, 6 November 2020

Hello folks, those of you reading this in the UK will realise we are in Lockdown Mark Deux, so the virtual Dr is all you are able to enjoy right now.

You may now subscribe to me and receive updates of my dark and deviant side by subscribing to my AVN Stars.  You know my fertile mind will wander and you will find yourself in the palm of my hand before you know it!  Find me here:

I also have two new clips for you to enjoy over at my clip store, which you may find here:

A Very Public Punishment:

You do not learn your lesson, do you? Well if you like to waste my time then I will waste yours. I have set you a VERY public punishment, one that will humiliate you greatly. As your Headmistress I will NOT tolerate any more of your reprehensible behaviour.

Instructional Spanking 1:  

Follow my EVERY word. I shall instruct you on exactly what you are to do. You will receive the spanking you so richly deserve from me. When your punishment is complete you may send me proof; but be warned, if I don't think it is hard enough I will have you repeat your punishment!

I hope these help keep you in line, because you certainly need it!