Sunday, 6 June 2021

School staff introduction: Matron

 At My school house, over at AVNstars and Clips4Sale, I have an ever-increasing number of staff members to keep your discipline and behaviour under control.  In this post I shall tell you all about the role of your school Matron.

Matron is in charge of looking after your health and well-being, however, be under no impression that she is a soft touch; she isn't.  You may find yourself sent to see Matron for a number of reasons, including the following (non-exhaustive) list:

1.  Have you presented a sick note in Gym class?  Well, you had better hope that it is legitimate, because if Matron checks you out and finds you fighting fit you may find yourself bent over for a dose of her strap.

2. You are to be subjected to numerous underwear inspections at My school.  Matron will conduct these and woe-betide you if she finds any questionable stains; you may find yourself across her lap for a spanking with her latex-gloved hand.

3. You like to play with yourself don't you?  Like to have a sneaky masturbation session?  Disgusting.  If you are caught doing this, you will find yourself in Matron's office with your palms outstretched for the tawse.  Wandering hands need firm discipline.  Matron's tawse will make you think twice about touching yourself in the future.

4. Caught in the girls dormitory wing after lights-out?  Matron has her special wooden hairbrush to deal with that behaviour. When lights are out, you are to be tucked up in bed.

With all this in mind, you had better toe the line if you wish to avoid Matron's wrath.  She will brook no mercy and will apply any number of strict disciplinary measures to keep you in line without hesitation.  

Do you want to see Matron in action?  You may find here here:

Boarders (subscribers):

Day pupils:

Now then, I suggest you behave!