I am an expert in Corporal Punishment and role-play and pride myself in creating a genuine atmosphere within a scene. To be sure you will "enjoy" a session with me, please read the list of activities I enjoy doing in my sessions:

- Corporal Punishment. These include OTK, Caning, Strapping, Paddling, Tawses, Wooden paddles, whipping and cropping.  Allow yourself to be released to my hands...

- Judicial punishments. This is a scene where you are assigned a set number of strokes, and the strokes are administered from cold. This is not a scene for new-comers or the faint-hearted!

- Role plays. Just imagine finding yourself in these situations:

 School mistress - Trembling you wait outside my office for your punishment.  You know you are really for the high jump this time.  Will I have you writing lines before I punish you?  Indeed I can write nervously before me knowing the cane in my hand will soon be tasting your bare bottom.  You vow to be good in class in future.

Prison Governor - I have worked hard to get to this position and I won't have you, you jumped up little thug ruining my impeccable record.  Your mouth gets you no where and you soon find yourself bent over for the inevitable...and I intend on displaying you to the whole wing as a deterrent to other would-be trouble-makers.  Your humiliation will be burning but you will learn your lesson.

Matron - Been skiving off PE boy?  I can see by just looking at you that there is nothing wrong with you whatsoever, but there will be.  A severe case of throbbing bottom, once I drag you across my knee for a thorough dose of my slipper.

Lady boss - You arrogant young man!  How dare you not show up for work on time?  Think you can behave just as you like don't you?  Well I am about to show you just who is the boss in this office and it will never be you.  Not only will you have your bottom bared for my strap but you will find yourself on your knees worshipping you Boss's patent heels...

Bossy wife - I rule my home with an iron rod and I will not have you rolling in from the pub at any hour just as you please.  Time for some humiliation hubby dear...and no, I don't care about your mates seeing the marks on your bottom at football practise tomorrow.

Lady of the manor - You lazy boy!  I treat you staff well and yet you seem to think you can work for me with this slap-dash attitude.  I think not!  I love my horses and treat my staff to the cropping I would never have my mares suffer.  Be warned, I will have you on all fours mount you like a horse if you dare answer me back.

Riding School - Working here requires discipline.  I don't like you chasing after the young stable girls.  Those wandering hands need taught a lesson.  Hold them out!  Time you tasted my tawse!

Corsetry. Please feel free to suggest something that is not mentioned here (within reason of course).

- Other activities I enjoy are: Face slapping, verbal humiliation and of course foot, stocking and boot worship.